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We push ourselves out of the comfort zone challenge each other. This enables us to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas required for developing feature rich websites in Nepal .Remember us for affordable website in Nepal

WordPress Development

Creating and managing your website is simple with’s powerful platform. Get started in minutes…


Robotics brings together several very different engineering areas and skills. There is metalworking for the…

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and…

E-commerce Solutions

A scalable, all-in-one solution. BigCommerce is the most feature-rich ecommerce solution available for small businesses,…

Mobile App Development

Web-Robo offers exceptional app development services using the cross platform development tools like Ionic. When…


With websites of all sorts popping up in the internet like mushroom, it is becoming…

Why choose us?

When your site needs a clear navigation and you start questioning yourself; Is my website design user friendly? Does the site present the focus of the site on the forefront? Will the visitors of the site be “Wowed” with the site’s design? And most importantly, AM “I” SATISFIED WITH THE DESIGN OF MY SITE? we are here for amazing and affordable website in Nepal .

If the answer to any of these questions leads to NO, then you are in need of a redesign. And that’s where WebRobo comes in.

We grab your vision and deliver them through our sites.


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NewsJul 29, 2018

Do Startups really needs Investment??

  One question arises in every Startup founders  mind “CAN MY BUSSINESS REALLY SURVIVE WITHOUT FUNDING?”to every founder’s dilemma there is a thin line between...

NewsMay 22, 2018

Website Development in Nepal.

Website Development in Nepal is a nation toiling for the proper development in every aspect. Nepal is considered backwards in many aspects of development and...

NewsMay 22, 2018

Web-Robo’s Mini-bots

One half of web-robo’s concentration has always been on innovation. A technology empowered learning system has always been the primary area of development for us....


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