One question arises in every Startup founders  mind “CAN MY BUSSINESS REALLY SURVIVE WITHOUT FUNDING?”to every founder’s dilemma there is a thin line between

Am I selling my ownership? And we have made it so far without funding we will make it in future too.

The debate between weather to get investment or not Is highly contradicting each other depending upon the perception between the people .So here we are with five reason favoring and contradicting “Isinvestment really important to a startup”.

First we list out 5 good reasons to seek investment :-

  1. For the capital

Startups are intended to grow very big very fast, and growth is expensive. Regular cash flow is necessary for the smooth functioning of the venture. In which investor may come very handy as they are there to help maintain the cash flow and meet the budget criteria.

  1. Assistance in business-plan

Investors are not passion driven rookies who are following their instincts and gut feel. They are experienced profit centric person who can really help you in business-plan formulation and strategy.

  1. Risk and knowledge sharing

With not only financial assistance they also provide knowledge and experience in the field. This is also causes amalgamation of risk bearing in the startup.

  1. Quality in office procedure and long term vision approach

With the knowledge and experience the quality in the office day to day activities and long term visionary approach in the team with reference to the investor is obvious.


  1. Risk Management

Major factor main startup to hit the rock bottom is lack of risk management. The art of calculative risk bearing is not their due to lack of experience. In which investors can provide useful insight regarding the minimum risk with maximum profit motive approach.


Finally 5 reasons not  to seek investment :-


  1. If it’s only an idea forget it

You should not be seeking investment if only idea is there .No investors are going to invest in your idea they want solid prototype or working Minimum Viable Product (MVP).They are too smart for you to trust in your idea with their cheques .

  1. Financial sound doesn’t assure success

Bagging the investment doesn’t guarantees the success. Being financially sound is a upper hand no doubt but there are many other elements yield a good startup. So the perception of financially sound solves everything can be lethal should not be seeking investment.

  1. You are selling ownership

Cheques comes with the price. The cash they owned are not easily earn by the investor too. Asaassurance the investor seeks some form of ownership or equity. If you’re not ready share a mind set to share investment is not for you.

  1. Investors are bosses.

Ownership sharing is concern so basically the investors are your boss. Mentioned earlier growth are expensive so ownership must be greater basically you are hired in your own firm.\

  1. You get fired from your own company

As a bosses are capable of hiring and firing the employee there is high probability they may be the case of you being fired from you own firm.


The subject entirely depends upon the mindset of the founder. The level of cooperation, patients as well respond of the particular founder of particular startups determines whether your venture really need investment or not we entirely leave the decision to the founder and mindset to determine the subject.



One half of web-robo’s concentration has always been on innovation. A technology empowered learning system has always been the primary area of development for us. In our attempt to make learning more interactive, we introduced the concept of Mini-bots.

The bots currently can draw pattern on voice commands. It can draw the pattern of alphabets and other basic geometrical shapes such as triangle, square, circle, etc.

The prior concept to implement this idea was to lace the robot with a marker/sign-pen. The marker laced in the bot will then draw the pattern as the robot moves along. This will make the mark on the board in which the mini-bot will be moving.

We later realized that this might be a problem. As the lines are drawn by the marker, the mini-bot that is moving might criss-cross the already rendered lines and curves.

To overcome this problem, we thought up a simple solution: to use multiple bots which can form a pattern based on the voice input. A microprocessor, Arduino is used in this system. Audino is the brain of the system. It is used for audio processing and moving the bots.

A of institutions have adapted interactive learning in their institutions. The use of this type of learning method stimulates the interest of pupil. But most of the time, the learning materials are Virtual.

The completion of this project will provide something concrete that is not Virtual to be used on the learning process. The main objective of this project was to get the pupils involved in the learning process and introduce to them a better perspective of learning.

On its completion the bots will be able to shorten the divide between the virtual and the real objects. It will incorporate a special tool that the pupils always want to see first-hand on their learning experience.

When the team leader of the project- Madhu Khadka saw a boy playing with a car on a school ceremony, he thought about it,” What if we could make learning more fun? We can incorporate that car as his study material. We can build a robot car that would teach alphabets and use voice control for interactive learning among kids”.

We have identified the Raspberry Pi as the major tool for robot co-ordination. Raspberry-Pi is a low cost, high performance computers that people can use to learn, solve problems and more importantly: have fun.

Accountability Lab is a group of committed change makers. It is an International NonGovernment Organization (INGO) based in the United States (US) with its wings spread over various countries- Nepal, Pakistan and Liberia. Accountability Lab has a flagship program called the ‘Accountability Incubators’.

This program is intended for young leaders to help build sustainable, effective tools for accountability and the right social impact on society. These young leaders are the ‘Accountapreneurs’.

And during the latest selection of Accountapreneurs, our team of Web-robo has been provided with a rare privilege to work with the Accountability Board of Directors. We express our deep gratitude to Mr. Narayan Adhikari- Head of Accountability Lab and Mr. Pranav Budhathoki-The BoD Lead for introducing us to this wonderful world of Accountapreneurs.

A wider reach for the effective accountability is very important. So, for reaching as many people as possible to make a greater impact, digital marketing is necessary. Social media targeting is an essential component. This is because there are only a handful of people who don’t use social networking sites. And we intend on tapping this potent prospect.

A lot of people regularly visit The Facebook. Hence, The Facebook marketing is very important to reach the targeted young people. We continuously feed the page with relevant helpful contents. The other social media sites which include Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram are also crucial because they are said to have more relevant and educated users. These social networking sites will help build a loyal audience base.

We hope on working hand in hand with the accountability lab on this.

You can also contribute on building a better, accountable society. Visit this page if you are interested.

This is a follow up of our recent post- Web-Robo in MSP Reception.

We want to congratulate all the new generations of MSP for getting selected from their respective educational institutions for the MSP springboard 2017. Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) – Nepal MIC organized a program to welcome all the new MSPs.

They also utilized the occasion to introduce a new concept of Special-MSP; one of whom happened to be from our Executive team of Web Robo- Madhu Khadka.

A special typical Nepalese ceremony was performed to introduce our friend as Special-MSP. A SAGUN was presented to Madhu “to celebrate his second life” as Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar stated.

We, the members of Team Web Robo are delighted that the Innovation Centre chose one of our own to introduce this new breed of Microsoft Professional. This motivation has catalysed us even more to do something more and useful in our future endeavours.

Web Robo’s Team always looks up to MSP for more inspirations. Our dear friend Mr. Madhu is waiting on MIC to introduce such new programs so that we can help produce new Microsoft Professionals which is the ultimate goal of Microsoft Innovation Centre.

There used to be a time when we longed for a smart dependable digital virtual assistants and there were none. But now the problem is that there are a ton of them. With the availability of all these virtual assistant that sound and seem smarter than some human beings, it is easy to get your head whirlpooled around these Top Virtual Assistants in trying to choose one of them.

Today we’re gonna list some of the most promising digital virtual assistants. We’ll also do a fair enough run through of these Top Virtual Assistants including but not limited to Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

Top Virtual Assistants


Siri is a virtual assistant for apple products. It is developed using Objective-C. Siri can do most of the things you are used to doing with your mobiles. It was first released on October 4, 2011.

Siri can show you the photos of certain location from certain date if you tell her so.

Siri can find you videos of certain events. She can also control your home environments such as Lightings. Reading emails, sending texts to someone, playing and shuffling your playlist, booking a table and finding the name of the song being played using Shazam app- she can do it all. She can also detect the selfies you have taken and of course, display them on your command.

It is available in many languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

Siri can do many other things. They all cannot be listed here. For more on what Siri can do, go here


Cortana is an intelligent personal digital assistant developed by the Microsoft. It is coded in C#/C++. It can be used on windows phone, android, Microsoft PCs (Windows 8 and above) and Xbox. The name Cortana was adopted from the series-Halo or one of Halo’s artificially intelligent characters. It was first launched on April 2, 2014.

Cortana has the capability of location based notification trigger. Cortana in Windows 10 offers instant translations in various languages such as French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Cortana also allows multi-device syncing, multi tasking and recognize natural voice without keyboard inputs. It can also answer your question using the answers from Bing search Engine. Cortana has joined hands with FourSquare to help its users find the best restaurants around and book a table. It also collaborates with LIFX to control smart light bulbs.

Cortana is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Portuguese. More info on what Cortana is capable of here-

Google Now

Google Now is a virtual assistant developed by Google. Google Now was first made available on July 9, 2012. It was applicable with android 4.1 (”Jelly Bean”)+, iOS 6.0+, Microsoft Windows, OS X and even platforms as well.

Google Now can look for attractive locations around you, keep you notified if you are running late, make translations, remind you of your television shows, price drops of products of interest, pay bills online and check your stock values. It can also save the location where you parked your vehicle. Public Transit is one of the available features. Though it was released early on mid 2012, the stable version was not available up until 2015.

It is available only in English.


Teneo is a very smart virtual assistant. It can have a very human like conversation, learn from it and use it later during conversation. It can also provide a link to information or resources. It is primarily focused on helping the business personals create a customized natural language application. The main goal of Teneo is to enhance the automation of different services businesses provide.


Api.AI was developed by speaktoit- technologies. It has been developed using the natural language processing engine built by speaktoit technologies. Api.AI provides the user with a web interface to make and examine the conversation scenarios. also supports Machine Leaning. has been integrated with many other apps such as slack, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Twilio, Cisco spark, etc. was first released on September, 2014. has SDKs available for iOS, Mac OS X, Apple Watch, Android, HTML, Javascript, Node.js, c#, Python, Unity, Ruby, Xamarin and more. supports 14 different languages – Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Cantonese, Simplified, Traditional), English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.


Braina is an intelligent virtual assistant. It was developed by Brainasoft- for the Microsoft Windows platform. Braina can (help you) do all the regular things you do on your phone such as play songs, set an alarm, open and close files, extract information from internet, make calculations, etc. Braina can also control your computer with a Wi-Fi connection.

Braina is available for free. But there is also a premium version available for those interested in more interesting features. Braina was listed on “Top 10 essential free software for 2015” by Future Pic’s Tech Radar.

It accomplishes all this by using natural language processor and speech recognition technology.

Braina is available only in English.

Facebook M

Facebook M is a virtual assistant for the Messenger (M) of Facebook. This digital virtual assistant, Facebook M’s integration into the Messenger is ongoing. So, the availability of this particular digital assistant is limited.

It is rumored that Mark Zuckenberg is actively working on completing this project successfully. On its completion Zuckenberg want something like JARVIS from the movie Ironman- (also a rumor). And he plans to launch it with a bang.

On its release of stable version, Facebook M will be able to plan holidays, find the best restaurants around, completing e-commerce transactions (buying goods online), etc. This all will be accomplished with AI they are trying to build.


Niki is primarily focused on first class online shopping experience. Niki is worked upon by An intelligent purchasing virtual assistant-Niki is believed to have the capacity to make purchase online, pay bills, find a taxi for you.Natural Language processing and speech recognition are the main building blocks of Niki.


Currentlt, the tussling for the top spot is between Siri, Cortana and Google Now. Though I think the Facebook’s Facebook M might have to say something about it in the future if all that is rumored is true.

Advancement is ongoing in all the fields- including AI technology. A famous futurist and transhumanist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that the robots will be smarter than humans by 2029- That is a topic of discussion for another day though.

Nevertheless, with the advancement of AI,  these digital virtual assistants will get better and better. If they opt not to, some new virtual assistant will take them over. So, we the bosses of the virtual digital assistants will always have a comfortable time bossing them no matter what. So, boss your digital assistant until 2029 because they might as well be smarter than you by 2029 as the expert said.

“Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”
― Arthur C. Clarke2010: Odyssey Two

There is a saying “Getting to the top is the easier part; staying there is the hard bit”. I think you get the sense here. You can mount up the number of digital followers. But, if you cannot keep them, then it will be like filling a gallon with a big fat hole in the back .

I think everybody knows the importance of digital followers in any social media platform and I do not need to explain them here. So, it is pivotal to keep the followers you get. Today I will share some of the tips you will be able to use to prevent followers fallout.

Engage with your digital followers

This is one of the major reasons your followers stop following you. I have seen people not respond to the queries their followers put in the comments. What type of influencer are you if you cannot even answer a genuine query!

This will leave a negative imprint of the influencer in the mind of that follower. Remember? The post is publicly viewable. The other followers might be following the query on the post. And you did not answer them. This will be very disappointing for all the followers waiting for an answer. This is very bad for your overall social status.

So, whenever favourable, engage with your audience, answer their queries and help them. They follow you because they think that you are an expert in your niche. If they feel that they have nothing to gain from following you, they will revert from following you.

Update your post regularly (with useful contents)

The pool of followers you have will certainly have very genuine and eager followers who want to learn something new- whether you know/admit it or not. If you cannot fulfill their appetite for learning something new they won’t be following you anymore. So, it is imperative that you post some amazing content once in a while.

Well, it should not be original to you (something you have actually created), it can be something from the other experts, influencers or authority sites in your niche. Just share some amazing contents once in a while and some of your own original contents as well.

You have to give something in return as well

Social Media is all give and take. “A cart cannot run on a single wheel”, “there are two sides of each coin” and so on. I think you get the idea.

There are not only those who want to learn, there are those like yourself who want to grow their influence. There is a pool which contains people whom you have never met before but follow each other. When they share and like your content, they expect you to share and like your content. Once in a while, meet their expectations and you are good.

This is also very fundamental to your success because they possess authority in their niche (which can be the same niche you are working on). So, one share from them will send your posts to possibly hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of unreached users. So, maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Increasing productivity is something every professional thrives for. It is hard to keep track of all the emails in multiple mailing platforms. Especially, when there are multiple mails within a single platform. As if that was not enough, there are also so many flashy and appealing contents available in the internet. It is hard to concentrate on work and execute them effectively,efficiently and productivity !

Today we will look into some sites that will help us demagnetize the magnetizing effect of some very tempting sites and manage our assets better.



PostBox is the ultimate mail management system. It allows you to add all of your accounts in one system. This will allow you to zip through all your email accounts.

The conventional use of email dictates you to hop from one site to another and manage them individually. With PostBox, you can have all your emails in one place.

Let’s see how you can do this.

Step 1: Install and open PostBox Express. Link to the download page.

Step 2: Choose options in the Tools Menu.

Step 3: Click on the Add mail account in the Add dropdown in the popup window.

Step 4: Enter login credentials and click on Next.

Step 5: Hit the finish button.

Another mail is added!

End Result: Multiple accounts at one place!

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a tool that helps you keep demons of your social media down. With Cold Turkey, you can set the time interval at which the sites you want are blocked. This feature is available to premium users only. The ones who use the free version have to block the site until a specified date and time. The action is not irreversible!


Todoist is a straight forward site. It allows you to create a To Do List. The site allows you to prioritize your task. They have four different level of priority- priority 1, 2, 3 and 4. They also let you view the activities that need to be done according to the priority you set to them. And if you are working in a team and someone assigns you a task, it can also be viewed in the filter. This is one of the features that I personally like.

The only downside is that they let the reminder to only premium users.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a very interesting site. It tracks the time you spent in different sites and gives you a detailed report at the end of the day. Then you can look into your activity log and determine where it is that you must improve to be more productive.

The premium version can block sites, send alerts and track time offline.


Hoot Suite lets you manage your social media accounts from a single platform for better social media management. This tool is best suited for the social media marketers than it is for common people. The tool provides you a detailed analytics report and engagement reports.


Trello is project management software. It lets you create teams to work on a project. The team members are then assigned different tasks. This is done by creating a card under the list inside a board. When the task is finished, the employee to whom the task was assigned labels it as “Done”. S/he might have to move it to a different list named “Complete”.

When a project is complete, you can close the board or even delete it permanently.


Slack is a complete tool for team collaboration. You can communicate with your team members, share files and edit them on Slack itself! Many people question what slack actually was made for (credit to its all in one application).

This tool is very handy specially when editing files. Two persons might be working on the same file decreasing the overall efficiency of the team. With slack, there is no such problem. And it is free! It has a web app from where anything can be done. But if you want a desktop app for yourself, you are in luck. They also have the desktop version waiting to be downloaded by you!

Unroll me

When it comes to subscription management, this has got to be one of the best site/app. It can be really annoying and time consuming to go through the mail- most of which happen to be subscriptions from social sites, service providers and apps that you used.

The subscriptions are typically divided as Rollup (list of sites from which you want emails- similar to white listing), Unsubscribed (don’t need to do anything more) and Inbox (neutral-it’s like you haven’t done anything to it).

If you want to get rid of subscription emails that you don’t like anymore, certainly give unroll me a try.

Pomodoro Technique

This is an age old technique that you might actually be using. But you might not have known that it is called The Pomodoro Technique. This technique encourages taking short interval after working an interval of time. The original inceptor of the technique, Francesco Cirillo divided time frame into intervals of 25 minutes work and 5 minutes breaks.

You can never get fed up with motivation and kind words. And when you get one, you have to acknowledge our startup . That’s Theory of Reciprocity; which applies to all the (good) people.

Our Startup Journey :

It was very kind of STARTUPS Nepal’s Pratik Shrestha and Juliana Shrestha who spread the good words all over about us in their article: Rising from the rubbles. You have the highest gratitude of web-robo. Sharing your platform to give us the exposure in front of so many of your reader will forever make us indebted to you. We might never be able to reimburse what you’ve done for us; but it is our duty to recognize it and here we are making a modest and feeble effort in exchange. Thank you once again.

It seems like the rumor of scarcity of good people (willing to share their time for others for no actual profit) is not true indeed.

We also would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Webomatics; especially Menson brother, (who also happens to be one of the closest friend of Manik brother), who always advised us like his own brother. Well, we might not share the same blood but we are brothers in every other sense.

I also want to take this opportunity to pass on the message from Juliana’s article .

It is understandable to have fallen a victim of circumstances. Everybody will have accept what is being thrown at them. The most important thing is not to back down even in the harshest of circumstances.

We might have been crushed by earthquake, but we are still here. Hell, even if we get crushed double time, we will make an attempt; even it is the feeblest one ever, to rise. We might get crushed, we might get cursed and we might get axed by bad circumstances and people. But we will never stay down.

And we hope you will neither in your pursue of your own dreams; which might be anything from living in the wild to making a change in the world.

“It is not the question of who’s going to let me, it’s who’s going to stop me”- Ayn Rand.

All of us know: Sitting idle and watching television is far easier than it is to innovate. But we urge all of you to be innovative. Easier said than done though, eh.

Many people use the suction power of vacuum cleaner/compressor to get the dirt out of their precious computer- with which they spend a good chunk of their time surfing and bouncing from one page to another in an attempt to get info or have fun. I can’t think of any other reasons- getting to the point- is it a good idea to clean your computer with the vacuum cleaners?

There are two types of vacuum cleaners based on the usage of water particles- dry and wet vacuum cleaners. Wet vacuum cleaners contain small share of water vapor. Dry vacuum cleaners have none.

Which one is best for for your Computer ?

If you happen to have a wet vacuum cleaner, then it will be better if you give your computer chips some time to dry down. If you start them up immediately after, then you run the risk of short circuit. Remember? Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. While the chance of the occurrence of this catastrophe is infinite small, the consequences, if it really happens can be quite severe. So, be careful!

Dry vacuum cleaner users will have no problems in this respect.

Vacuuming also builds a large static charge. This static charge could discharge into the sensitive electronic parts of the computer.

While it is always favorable to used specialized cleaners to clean off the dust from inside of your computer, buying one for yourself is not very wise given the occasional use and from economic perspective.

How many keyboard shortcuts do you know about? Give it a thought. Try to remember before reading on. We’ll wait for you.

Well. How many can you remember?

A handful of keyboard shortcuts- it’s good.

You can only remember two or three. Not so good, I guess.

More than a dozen! And you use them regularly. Awesome! Someone is smart and efficient and saving a lot of time.

There are a group of awesome keyboard shortcuts that people know little about. And there is another group of shortcuts which are well known. Most of the computer professionals use these well known shortcuts. And in addition to that, they also use some advanced shortcuts so that they don’t even have to touch the mouse/touchpad.

This all adds to saving the precious little time that professionals possess. By using these keyboards, you can use your computer like a computer professional.

Today, I am going to share with you some of the most famous, useful & easy to use keyboards and not so famous but very useful and finger stretching keyboard shortcuts.

Alt + Enter -> Show the properties of the selected file in the folder.

Alt + F4 -> Closes any windows app. Exception: Avira Antivirus.

Alt + Left Arrow/ Backspace -> Back in the Web browser. Alt + Right Arrow will take you forward

Alt + S/Ctrl + Enter -> Alt + S to send an email in the outlook or other desktop mail programs. Ctrl+ Enter in the Gmail.

Alt + Tab -> it is used to switch between the applications. One of the most widely used keyboard shortcuts.

Alt + up Arrow -> shows the upper level folder of the current level folder.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete -> start the task manager.

Ctrl + C -> Copy: Ctrl + Insert also works

Ctrl + D -> to instantly bookmark a page.

Ctrl +F -> search in the browser or a file

Ctrl + J -> Open the Downloads section in the Chrome and Firefox.

Ctrl + X -> Cut.

Ctrl + V -> Paste: Shift + Insert also works

Ctrl + Shift + B -> Show the bookmarks menu bar in a web Browser.

Ctrl + Shift + O -> Shows all the bookmarks on a separate tab.

Ctrl + P -> print

Ctrl + Shift + T -> Restore most recently closed Tab. Un-does the accidental tab close. Healer of the Ctrl + W: our next shortcut. It is very useful but a rarely used shortcut.

Ctrl + T -> to open a new tab.

Ctrl + Tab -> to switch between the tabs of web browser and other applications. Use Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go in the reverse order.

Ctrl + Shift + V -> to paste the content in an online document without the styling such as bold, italic, varying text size, links, etc. It works in the Chrome and Firefox browser.

Ctrl + W -> close one of the tabs in the program. This works on multiple types of programs such as Web browser, text editor, etc.

F2 -> rename Files. Save the time to right click and click rename options.

F11 -> to make your browser Full Screen.

Home -> Takes you to the top of your browser.

R/ Ctrl + R -> R is the shortcut key for replying to a message in outlook. Ctrl + R instead is used for online services such as and Gmail. The shortcut key won’t work in Gmail until you’ve enabled the keyboard shortcut in the Settings menu.

Ctrl + R in your browser -> Refresh the page.

Shift + Arrow -> Highlight text/characters. If you hold down the control button also, then the words will get selected. Use Shift + End to select the text upto the end of the line.

Shift + Delete -> Permanently Delete a files without sending it to the recycle bin. Be careful while using this shortcut.

Shift + F7 -> This shortcut is to be used in the Microsoft Word. Pressing this key combination will display you a Thesaurus. It works offline as well. It is available in multiple languages. And hence it can do some single word translations. Try this one. This one is fun and interesting.

Shift + Space -> Select a row on Excel.

Windows + + -> Zoom in using Magnifier. Windows + Esc -> Quit Magnifier

Windows + – -> Zoom out using Magnifier

Windows Key + 0-9 ­-> Launch the app placed at the corresponding number in the taskbar

Windows Key + Arrow -> Windows snaps. Windows and right key combination will snap to the right of the screen. It can also be used to switch application view in multiple screens.

Windows Key + D – > show Desktop.

Windows Key + E -> show windows explorer; My Computer in other words

Windows Key + F -> open up a search Window.

Windows Key + F1 -> opens the help and support window.

Windows Key + L -> Lock your computer. Prevent someone from sneaking on your personal files.

Windows Key + M -> minimize all windows/program. Use Windows Key + Shift + M to restore all the minimized windows.

Windows Key + R -> open a run dialog box.

Windows Key + T -> traverse the apps in the taskbar. Press Enter to launch the selected app.

Windows Key + Tab -> switch between the apps using the 3D view of the apps.

Windows Key + X -> shows the advanced windows settings menu.

For Windows 8

Windows Key + H -> open charms share.

Windows Key + I -> open charms network setting.

Windows Key + Q -> search the installed apps.

Windows Key +, -> Show desktop temporarily.

If you’re serious about saving time and being efficient, you can start using these keyboard shortcuts. If you don’t want to use these keyboard shortcuts and you’re insistent on wasting your precious time, hit the Ctrl + W key.

Else, if you don’t like using your mouse and want to get efficient on using keyboards, you can hit the Ctrl + D button.

But it is really very hard to surf on the internet without feeling the love of the mouse.

If you think you can add to this list and I have excluded some shortcuts that you use even rarely, list them down in the comment section. I will add it to the list (if appropriate).

It is very easy to get hung up in the tantrums of the social media. It’s very appealing and pleasing to the eye (and mind), after all. Viewing gags, memes, jokes and gifs is certainly very refreshing and chatting with your friends is a very good option to pass your leisure time from social sites.

The problem arises when we use it all the time. It is time to wonder if we are doing it just enough or exploiting it beyond the threshold.

The time has come for each of us spending hours of our valuable time on social media to ask ourselves a question: “Am I doing the productive thing here?” If the answer is yes, then this article is NOT FOR YOU.

If the answer is no, then you are suffering from what some people regard “Social media addiction”.

If you want truly want to limit the time you spend on social media then please apply these tips. And no I am not telling you to completely abandon your beloved social networking sites.

Keep a very lengthy, hard to type tedious password.

This is a very effective way to keep you from logging in time and again. You can use one of these sites. Both of these sites are very good at generating very complex and strong passwords. : It generates 16 character passwords by default. You can also choose the length you want. It generates 15 character passwords by default. You can vary the length of the passwords on this site as well.

Sometimes, even laziness can be useful.

This is only the first step. The next tip completes this technique.

Never ever click on remember password

If you click on the remember password, then there is no point in choosing a strong password. You might as well choose a very lousy password (such as stupid) if keep on checking remember the password option.

You can change your settings so that your passwords are never saved on Google Chrome, Firefox or other major browsers.

Keep the keep me signed in option unchecked

Many social sites provide this option to keep their traffic sky high. And I think everyone has to admit that it is indeed very effective. You just type the initials of the site and it pops on the list of previously visited sites, hit the enter button and you’re at it again. So, never ever tick the keep me signed in button.

Do not sync your account with your mobile

How many people who know that they have a message pending do not check it? I will tell you how many: ZERO. Well approximately.

You do not need to keep up to date with who ate pasta or who is feeling bored or who poked you or who sent you a request to play a viral game. You seriously don’t. Just don’t sync with the social media accounts.

Remove the site’s bookmark from the browser’s tab

Another major portal through which you enter the world of social media is the bookmarks bar. Keeping a social media site in your bookmark bar keeps you at the tipping point of jumping to the same so-called social space again- like a professional diver is bracing himself on a ramp for a spectacular splash. You are just one click away from the dive.

Penalize yourself

If you keep on logging in even after the application all the techniques mentioned above, impose a penalty for yourself. The penalty can be anything from physical exercise to doing something creative like solving a puzzle. I have never used this technique but I think the puzzle thing is better than the physical punishments.

UNFRIEND people whom you barely know

This is a lion heart step. I’ve seen people who have 3000 friends. The maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook is 5000. Now do they really know all those friends well enough to categorize them as friends? I wonder.

If you do not know them well enough, be brave enough to do the right thing. Remove them from your friend list. They are adding to an already populated feed column. This will compel you to spend more time on social media and it keeps you away from news and people that really matters in your life.

Do you know about Cold Turkey?

Cold Turkey is a productivity tool. It blocks your account for the duration of time you fix. Cold Turkey focuses on breaking what they call “the distraction cycle”. That way you can increase your productivity. This is helpful especially for those who regularly get distracted by in their office hours.

Find an alternative to the social networking sites

If you will not look for it, you will not find it. That is as simple as that. In the time you think you’re wasting on social media, you can learn a new language (it’s free and wonderful), read books, play games that will sharpen your mind – (not games like FIFA, COD, GTA, CS, et al), learn new skills, learn to play a musical instrument, take free e-courses on whatever topics interest you, play physical games, etc.

There are a ton of these activities to keep you occupied for good. You just have to look for them.

Only share meaningful posts

Stop sharing a post that says “Today I don’t feel like doing anything”- like I used to do a long time ago. Only share posts that are meaningful. Share something that holds some value. Yes, you can share your pics of get-togethers, birthdays and wedding. (I was very careful there not to use “your weddingS”).

But I think it will be a waste of time showing off the cosmetics you recently bought or what someone gifted you (well, if someone gifted you a car, you can show that).

Delete their mobile apps

The mobile tips and the bookmarks bar are the same. If you keep them, you will get the temptation to use them when you see them. Getting rid of them is the best way to getting rid of the temptation mentioned above.

“TAKE AWAY THE FUEL, TAKE AWAY THE FLAME”. Thanks to my English teacher I found the appropriate quote to use here.


This is the last resort of the options you have available. If you cannot get over the ghost of social media addiction, PERMANENTLY DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.

The Last Word

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right”- Henry Ford

Interesting Fact: Users between the ages 15 to 19 spend 3 hours per day on social media sites. The number is an hour less for the age group 20 to 29.

There always are stories circling around the net that a single post of a certain superstar is worth thousands of dollars. This is because they have a strong social profile. They are backed by a ton of followers on social media that is Google plus followers.

A high number of followers assure a high number of impressions. The high number of impression in turn ensures number of post views. And a ton of post views means you are getting the message through to a large audience.

Whether it is a social cause, an ad or just a meme, post reach matters! Take for instance the Instagram. According to dailymail, you can earn as much as 4000 pounds per year if you have at least 1000 followers! Not bad eh.

I recently heard a story. A person had a twitter following of 75K. And if he gets one like in the tweet, then the person who sponsored the tweet will now have to pay the twitter a $. If he gets 50 likes in his tweets, he gets $50 from the sponsor. Now that is the power of social media.

Of course, I don’t have any resources to prove the story’s legitimacy. It is just a personal experience 😉

Today I will show you how hacks you can use to get more followers on social media.

Let’s consider Google plus for this example. Now there are a lot of Google plus users. How can you filter them so that you will only get the G+ users who are interested in your niche?

There is a certain search tool that is available that we can use exactly for this purpose. Type in the words that defines your niche- such as technology, travel, health or whatever it is. Then Google will display Collections, Communities, People and Pages and posts for the search term.

These results show the profiles that are dominant in your niche. Follow if you like them. But more importantly, follow their followers!

But how to find their followers? To be honest, I have no idea. But there is a work around available. Hit the +1 button for a post they posted. This will open a portal for you.

Before you hit the +1 button

After you hit the +1 button


Can you see something different? (Let me remind you that this is a classic view. To use the Google plus in the classic view, just hit the back to classic view. It is usually around the bottom left corner.)

Now that you have liked the post, the profile icon has popped up. They call it the activity stream. I call it the portal to their followers. Click on the profile icon. Voila, there they are. THE FOLLOWERS. Now go get your hands dirty and follow them. If you also maintain a similar niche, there is a good chance that they will follow you back.

You can use similar techniques in all the social networking sites. Grow your followers. All the best!

The unnecessary strike that sometimes turns ugly grasps Nepal and its major cities once in a while. The strikes that are called upon with ill motives affect each and every industrial sector and every class of people. Given the mobility with which IT industry can work, people might think that Banda or Strikes do not affect Nepal’s IT sector. After all, all they need to work is a computer and the internet and they’re off.

Today we will dig deep and discover the truth of it.

While it is true that IT is a very mobile sector and allows you to operate remotely, it is not entirely true that IT is a one-off sector that is not affected by Bandas.

Effect on the telecom sectors

Effect on telecom services

The actual telecom services run smoothly in Bandhs because at the moment, the demonstrators are not potent enough to halt these services. And I hope they will never be. Recently, though, the demonstrators launched an assault on the communication tower of Ncell, now owned by Axiata group.

So, it will be safe to say that the telecom services are not affected by these strikes.

Effect on customer service and daily operation

Customer services are severely affected by the Bandhs which includes whole Nepal’s IT sector . The service providers and workers cannot make it to their jobs because of the lockdown of the public and private transportation. Everything that demands physical presence is postponed for another day.

Effect on the IT organizations

The main problem that strikes the Nepal’s IT guys when they work remotely is procrastination. When there is no sword hanging over their head, they can wander off to lesser important things such as social media sites. There is no boss or manager in their home who can sneak in quietly to snoop into what they are actually doing. You are your own boss and your manager.

Very few and top companies use a monitoring system (such as Surveilstar, Screenshot monitor or Web Watcher)to track their worker’s activities. So, working from home is not very efficient.

I think this quote from “The Alchemist” is relevant here. So, I am going to include it. “Everybody seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives but none about his or her own.”

This only epitomizes the Steve Job’s saying, “My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.” And that’s what the managers are there for- to get the jobs done- one way or the other- some of which might stick to this ethic even in Bandhs.

Effect on educational institutions

The sector that is hit hardest by closure is the educational institution- whether they are universities, colleges or training institutes. They take the best shot of bandhs/strike to their gut. Almost all educational institutions remain closed during these strikes- courtesy of the student associations that are very active in the educational institutions of Nepal – the focal point that fuels the demonstrator’s numbers.

The Last Word- from the general perspective

It is hard to believe but in recent times, the frequency of the “Bandhs” has actually gone down. Gone are the days when the Bandhs used to stretch for an indefinite time frame. But work still needs to be done to completely get rid of it.

It is up to us- the people to resist these Bandakartas and stand against them. But unfortunately, that is not going to happen because we think that we are too futile to stand against them. That is the bitter truth.

Most of us simply use plain text to search in Google. But there are some very interesting search techniques that are very useful.

Why do I even need to learn these Techniques?

Well, it’s simply a case of preference: working harder or working smarter. If you want to browse Google smartly, these Google search techniques will certainly help you.

It’s like choosing between adding and multiplication. Either add x no of times or multiply just once.

Today we’re gonna share some of the most famous and useful search techniques with you.

  1. “The Double Quotes” for explicit phrase

If you’re looking for a specific content, then enclosing your query in the double quotes will work just fine. It will only show the pages that matches the exact query. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. Searching within a specific site

We all have come across a website where there is no search label/field. Haven’t we? Being not able to search for something you want in a specific site does not feel good. If you want to search if goggles are available in an e-commerce site for helmets then, just type: ‘goggles site:’. It might not work if the site isn’t cached by Google.

  1. Wildcard search using *

This search technique is particularly handy if you know only a portion of something. It can be anything from quotes, song names, artist names, movie name and so on. The list goes on and on. Type * for the characters or words you have no idea about.

If your remembered the Hollywood movie about the three person’s stupidities but don’t have the whole idea, you can search for ‘The Three *’. It will give you an array of results. But the one you’re searching for probably will come first in this case.

  1. Want something specific in url

If you want something specific in URL in your search results, then you can use the in URL operator/word to get costume results. If you want espn on your URL, just type ‘your query inurl:espn’. No space between the colon and the set of characters you want in your URL.

  1. For something specific in the page title

This is a technique similar to the one mentioned above. In this technique, if we want something specific in our title, we perform search with ‘intitle:something you want in your title’.

  1. Exclude something in the content

Let’s say you want to search for the song It’s My Life by Talk Talk. Not the Bon Jovi one. Then you’ll do: It’s My Life -Bon Jovi.

  1. Similar keywords specifically to search blogs
  1. Weather

For a quick check on the weather of the day, we can use the weather keyword and zip or postal code. For e.g. for Kathmandu valley, the postal code is 44600 i.e. ‘weather 44600’.

  1. Finding files of specific type

We can filter only the type of file we want in our search result. Try ‘your keyword filetype:.pdf’

  1. For news about a specific location.

If you want search results specific to a location, you have to go with the location: modifier. If you want to know about the attacks in Paris, then fill the search field with: attacks location: Paris. This time there is a space between the colon and Paris.

  1. Phone Listing

Is someone bothering you giving you missed calls all the time (and does not answer if you call back)? Google just might have answer to this query as well.


  1. For social Media
  1. Google Advanced Search Page

If you have problem remembering all these techniques, you can simply go to Google advanced search page.

Happy Hunting!

Many people do not realize it. But Google and Facebook have systems that make their page load quicker than other websites. You might remember yourself going crazy because of the time these silicon giants made you wait while loading their page. But believe it or not, Google and Facebook actually have systems deployed to make their pages load faster.

Today, we will look at the systems that make their pages load faster.

What has Facebook got under its sleeves?

Facebook has installed a system they call “Big Pipe” to accelerate their page load speed. This system was installed in 2009 and it made the site twice as fast.

The strength of this system lies in the disintegration of the web pages into small bits. They call these small decomposed fragments “Pagelets”. So, instead of firing a giant bulk web page, they fire these small fragments which load instantly.

This module as expected, fires the most important sections first that comprise the main page structure. The statuses of friends and people and communities they like load a bit later- one by one- for you to like, comment, share, get amazed and sometimes ignore.

What has Google got under its sleeves?

Google is a very big company and I am sorry to reiterate that. But, since it is (very) big, it has the resources and capacity to install “Cache/Mirror Servers” wherever they feel they need one.

And they have got it installed on hundreds of places. When you have a server near you, the time it will take to communicate with the server (send a query and get a response) significantly decreases.

The following is a snapshot of locations where Google has one of those cache servers installed. And it is basically everywhere!

The other reason that makes Google super fast is the simplicity of the most of its pages. They have very low graphical information. When a user searches for something, videos are listed in the results. But they are never played! This simplicity also plays a major part in loading the pages faster.

Interesting footnote: Google processes 40,000 search requests every second. That translated to 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year. And mind you, those are the statistics of 2012. And as of now, it is 11/17/2016.


Internet of things is an idea of connecting the digital machines and devices that can be digitized. This will allow us a better control over the things we possess. Internet of things is a term coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 while working in the Auto-ID centers.

According to Wikipedia Internet of Things can be defined as:

“The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, softwares, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data”

What’s been accomplished?

Internet of things already has been applied in many areas. Listing them all one by one will be impractical to say the least. So we’ve prepared a prominent list.

  1. Smart homes: Smart home is a term we see a lot in the commercials nowadays. This suggests that this aspect of IoT is already in use. It involves controlling lights, electrical accessories such as air conditioner; and even doors & windows.
  2. Smart City: Smart City is a very complex idea to implement to say the least. Lighting (both traffic and street), water distribution, urban rubbish management, surveillance, centralized & integrated system control are some basic areas of Smart City.
  3. Wearables: Wearables remain a hot topic in the market; though it has lost its initial flair. The apple’s new smart watch directly implements IoT. People don’t seem to have adapted to it well. That or the smart watches are not what people want at the moment. Or they love the view smart-phones too much.
  4. IoT for Environment: It is one of the areas which can really benefit from IoT as it can be used extensively. It involves taking environmental factors and work out the plan. It can be anything from tagging and tracking the behavior of wild animals in the wild or measuring the amount of water levels in the sea on continuous basis, level of harmful gases in the air, oxygen, dust, etc.
  5. Smart Metering: Device to measure the water, natural gas and electricity consumption.

Future Scope

With the pace we are moving, nobody can imagine the extent to which we can digitize ourselves. “Sky is the limit” is the right term to use; I guess. But let’s try to narrow it down.

  1. Smart Grids: Analyzing the information on power usage, crime rate & road accidents based on grids to make positive, effective and viable changes.
  2. Connected Cars: There has not been much development in this front. But if the big boys amongst auto makers don’t tackle it soon; I can’t say they’ll run out of business; but they’ll certainly take a punch if someone else will come up with it. Google, Microsoft and apple have all announced connected car platforms.
  3. Smart Farming: Especially farming in the remote areas.
  4. Connected Health (Huge Potential yet to be unlocked)
  5. Industrial Internet: use of IoT technologies in manufacturing
  6. Smart Retail: Proximity based marketing.


Internet of Things is a beast waiting to be unleashed. It presents many opportunities for the entrepreneurs. With all the research and advancement and mostly our never ending desire to never stop advancing in this field will definitely take the Internet of things (IoT) a long way. Or shall I confess, if we invest our time on IoT, IoT will take us a long way.

The desktop is usually used as a destination to use frequently accessed files. It is also used to have quick access to the important documents. Some people don’t want their precious to get buried in the layers of folders. So, they cast aside their important files in the desktop to save the trouble of having to memorise the location.So does messy desktop have their effects ?

But does having a lot of files in your desktop slow down your computer?

It depends on the number of files and the weight of the files you have on the desktop.

If you have a lot of files with a lot of weight (files like movies) in your desktop, then it might be actually slowing down your computer’s speed. Read this gentleman DavoMartinez and RaraCookies’s experience here.

A lot of fuel is added to this discussion by what happens while refreshing on windows desktops. It has been experienced that messy desktop slows down the refresh operation.

Desktop icons only use some Kilobytes of the total resources of your computer. And that is reserved often for the worst case scenario. So, if you have a lot of desktop icons that are not properly arranged, then it might slow down the refresh process in your computer. But it will not have the enough punch in it to actually cripple your computer.

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth”- Lenin

So, if you have a lot of poorly arranged desktop icons and your refresh is not working properly, there is no reason to getting worried. The rest of your machine must be working properly. This is because the windows have a little problem rendering the actual manual sequence you set in your desktop.

Since the basic workings of all the OS are the same, these facts though not entirely applicable to Apple’s iOS and Linux applies to some extent to them as well.

Desktop icons were designed to allow easy access to programs without using too much of the computer resources.

Let’s give you easy access to your most important and most frequently used files from the desktop without battering your speed. Keep your files in the drives inside the folders. Create a shortcut for the files on your desktop.


This should create a shortcut that is both easily accessible and low on resource consumption.

Does a messy desktop slow down your computer?