How to increase Google plus followers?

How to increase Google plus followers?

There always are stories circling around the net that a single post of a certain superstar is worth thousands of dollars. This is because they have a strong social profile. They are backed by a ton of followers on social media that is Google plus followers.

A high number of followers assure a high number of impressions. The high number of impression in turn ensures number of post views. And a ton of post views means you are getting the message through to a large audience.

Whether it is a social cause, an ad or just a meme, post reach matters! Take for instance the Instagram. According to dailymail, you can earn as much as 4000 pounds per year if you have at least 1000 followers! Not bad eh.

I recently heard a story. A person had a twitter following of 75K. And if he gets one like in the tweet, then the person who sponsored the tweet will now have to pay the twitter a $. If he gets 50 likes in his tweets, he gets $50 from the sponsor. Now that is the power of social media.

Of course, I don’t have any resources to prove the story’s legitimacy. It is just a personal experience 😉

Today I will show you how hacks you can use to get more followers on social media.

Let’s consider Google plus for this example. Now there are a lot of Google plus users. How can you filter them so that you will only get the G+ users who are interested in your niche?

There is a certain search tool that is available that we can use exactly for this purpose. Type in the words that defines your niche- such as technology, travel, health or whatever it is. Then Google will display Collections, Communities, People and Pages and posts for the search term.

These results show the profiles that are dominant in your niche. Follow if you like them. But more importantly, follow their followers!

But how to find their followers? To be honest, I have no idea. But there is a work around available. Hit the +1 button for a post they posted. This will open a portal for you.

Before you hit the +1 button

After you hit the +1 button


Can you see something different? (Let me remind you that this is a classic view. To use the Google plus in the classic view, just hit the back to classic view. It is usually around the bottom left corner.)

Now that you have liked the post, the profile icon has popped up. They call it the activity stream. I call it the portal to their followers. Click on the profile icon. Voila, there they are. THE FOLLOWERS. Now go get your hands dirty and follow them. If you also maintain a similar niche, there is a good chance that they will follow you back.

You can use similar techniques in all the social networking sites. Grow your followers. All the best!