How to keep yourself away from social sites?

How to keep yourself away from social sites?

It is very easy to get hung up in the tantrums of the social media. It’s very appealing and pleasing to the eye (and mind), after all. Viewing gags, memes, jokes and gifs is certainly very refreshing and chatting with your friends is a very good option to pass your leisure time from social sites.

The problem arises when we use it all the time. It is time to wonder if we are doing it just enough or exploiting it beyond the threshold.

The time has come for each of us spending hours of our valuable time on social media to ask ourselves a question: “Am I doing the productive thing here?” If the answer is yes, then this article is NOT FOR YOU.

If the answer is no, then you are suffering from what some people regard “Social media addiction”.

If you want truly want to limit the time you spend on social media then please apply these tips. And no I am not telling you to completely abandon your beloved social networking sites.

Keep a very lengthy, hard to type tedious password.

This is a very effective way to keep you from logging in time and again. You can use one of these sites. Both of these sites are very good at generating very complex and strong passwords. : It generates 16 character passwords by default. You can also choose the length you want. It generates 15 character passwords by default. You can vary the length of the passwords on this site as well.

Sometimes, even laziness can be useful.

This is only the first step. The next tip completes this technique.

Never ever click on remember password

If you click on the remember password, then there is no point in choosing a strong password. You might as well choose a very lousy password (such as stupid) if keep on checking remember the password option.

You can change your settings so that your passwords are never saved on Google Chrome, Firefox or other major browsers.

Keep the keep me signed in option unchecked

Many social sites provide this option to keep their traffic sky high. And I think everyone has to admit that it is indeed very effective. You just type the initials of the site and it pops on the list of previously visited sites, hit the enter button and you’re at it again. So, never ever tick the keep me signed in button.

Do not sync your account with your mobile

How many people who know that they have a message pending do not check it? I will tell you how many: ZERO. Well approximately.

You do not need to keep up to date with who ate pasta or who is feeling bored or who poked you or who sent you a request to play a viral game. You seriously don’t. Just don’t sync with the social media accounts.

Remove the site’s bookmark from the browser’s tab

Another major portal through which you enter the world of social media is the bookmarks bar. Keeping a social media site in your bookmark bar keeps you at the tipping point of jumping to the same so-called social space again- like a professional diver is bracing himself on a ramp for a spectacular splash. You are just one click away from the dive.

Penalize yourself

If you keep on logging in even after the application all the techniques mentioned above, impose a penalty for yourself. The penalty can be anything from physical exercise to doing something creative like solving a puzzle. I have never used this technique but I think the puzzle thing is better than the physical punishments.

UNFRIEND people whom you barely know

This is a lion heart step. I’ve seen people who have 3000 friends. The maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook is 5000. Now do they really know all those friends well enough to categorize them as friends? I wonder.

If you do not know them well enough, be brave enough to do the right thing. Remove them from your friend list. They are adding to an already populated feed column. This will compel you to spend more time on social media and it keeps you away from news and people that really matters in your life.

Do you know about Cold Turkey?

Cold Turkey is a productivity tool. It blocks your account for the duration of time you fix. Cold Turkey focuses on breaking what they call “the distraction cycle”. That way you can increase your productivity. This is helpful especially for those who regularly get distracted by in their office hours.

Find an alternative to the social networking sites

If you will not look for it, you will not find it. That is as simple as that. In the time you think you’re wasting on social media, you can learn a new language (it’s free and wonderful), read books, play games that will sharpen your mind – (not games like FIFA, COD, GTA, CS, et al), learn new skills, learn to play a musical instrument, take free e-courses on whatever topics interest you, play physical games, etc.

There are a ton of these activities to keep you occupied for good. You just have to look for them.

Only share meaningful posts

Stop sharing a post that says “Today I don’t feel like doing anything”- like I used to do a long time ago. Only share posts that are meaningful. Share something that holds some value. Yes, you can share your pics of get-togethers, birthdays and wedding. (I was very careful there not to use “your weddingS”).

But I think it will be a waste of time showing off the cosmetics you recently bought or what someone gifted you (well, if someone gifted you a car, you can show that).

Delete their mobile apps

The mobile tips and the bookmarks bar are the same. If you keep them, you will get the temptation to use them when you see them. Getting rid of them is the best way to getting rid of the temptation mentioned above.

“TAKE AWAY THE FUEL, TAKE AWAY THE FLAME”. Thanks to my English teacher I found the appropriate quote to use here.


This is the last resort of the options you have available. If you cannot get over the ghost of social media addiction, PERMANENTLY DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.

The Last Word

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right”- Henry Ford

Interesting Fact: Users between the ages 15 to 19 spend 3 hours per day on social media sites. The number is an hour less for the age group 20 to 29.