Internet of things

Internet of things


Internet of things is an idea of connecting the digital machines and devices that can be digitized. This will allow us a better control over the things we possess. Internet of things is a term coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 while working in the Auto-ID centers.

According to Wikipedia Internet of Things can be defined as:

“The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, softwares, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data”

What’s been accomplished?

Internet of things already has been applied in many areas. Listing them all one by one will be impractical to say the least. So we’ve prepared a prominent list.

  1. Smart homes: Smart home is a term we see a lot in the commercials nowadays. This suggests that this aspect of IoT is already in use. It involves controlling lights, electrical accessories such as air conditioner; and even doors & windows.
  2. Smart City: Smart City is a very complex idea to implement to say the least. Lighting (both traffic and street), water distribution, urban rubbish management, surveillance, centralized & integrated system control are some basic areas of Smart City.
  3. Wearables: Wearables remain a hot topic in the market; though it has lost its initial flair. The apple’s new smart watch directly implements IoT. People don’t seem to have adapted to it well. That or the smart watches are not what people want at the moment. Or they love the view smart-phones too much.
  4. IoT for Environment: It is one of the areas which can really benefit from IoT as it can be used extensively. It involves taking environmental factors and work out the plan. It can be anything from tagging and tracking the behavior of wild animals in the wild or measuring the amount of water levels in the sea on continuous basis, level of harmful gases in the air, oxygen, dust, etc.
  5. Smart Metering: Device to measure the water, natural gas and electricity consumption.

Future Scope

With the pace we are moving, nobody can imagine the extent to which we can digitize ourselves. “Sky is the limit” is the right term to use; I guess. But let’s try to narrow it down.

  1. Smart Grids: Analyzing the information on power usage, crime rate & road accidents based on grids to make positive, effective and viable changes.
  2. Connected Cars: There has not been much development in this front. But if the big boys amongst auto makers don’t tackle it soon; I can’t say they’ll run out of business; but they’ll certainly take a punch if someone else will come up with it. Google, Microsoft and apple have all announced connected car platforms.
  3. Smart Farming: Especially farming in the remote areas.
  4. Connected Health (Huge Potential yet to be unlocked)
  5. Industrial Internet: use of IoT technologies in manufacturing
  6. Smart Retail: Proximity based marketing.


Internet of Things is a beast waiting to be unleashed. It presents many opportunities for the entrepreneurs. With all the research and advancement and mostly our never ending desire to never stop advancing in this field will definitely take the Internet of things (IoT) a long way. Or shall I confess, if we invest our time on IoT, IoT will take us a long way.