Tips to prevent digital followers fallout

Tips to prevent digital followers fallout

There is a saying “Getting to the top is the easier part; staying there is the hard bit”. I think you get the sense here. You can mount up the number of digital followers. But, if you cannot keep them, then it will be like filling a gallon with a big fat hole in the back .

I think everybody knows the importance of digital followers in any social media platform and I do not need to explain them here. So, it is pivotal to keep the followers you get. Today I will share some of the tips you will be able to use to prevent followers fallout.

Engage with your digital followers

This is one of the major reasons your followers stop following you. I have seen people not respond to the queries their followers put in the comments. What type of influencer are you if you cannot even answer a genuine query!

This will leave a negative imprint of the influencer in the mind of that follower. Remember? The post is publicly viewable. The other followers might be following the query on the post. And you did not answer them. This will be very disappointing for all the followers waiting for an answer. This is very bad for your overall social status.

So, whenever favourable, engage with your audience, answer their queries and help them. They follow you because they think that you are an expert in your niche. If they feel that they have nothing to gain from following you, they will revert from following you.

Update your post regularly (with useful contents)

The pool of followers you have will certainly have very genuine and eager followers who want to learn something new- whether you know/admit it or not. If you cannot fulfill their appetite for learning something new they won’t be following you anymore. So, it is imperative that you post some amazing content once in a while.

Well, it should not be original to you (something you have actually created), it can be something from the other experts, influencers or authority sites in your niche. Just share some amazing contents once in a while and some of your own original contents as well.

You have to give something in return as well

Social Media is all give and take. “A cart cannot run on a single wheel”, “there are two sides of each coin” and so on. I think you get the idea.

There are not only those who want to learn, there are those like yourself who want to grow their influence. There is a pool which contains people whom you have never met before but follow each other. When they share and like your content, they expect you to share and like your content. Once in a while, meet their expectations and you are good.

This is also very fundamental to your success because they possess authority in their niche (which can be the same niche you are working on). So, one share from them will send your posts to possibly hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of unreached users. So, maintain a healthy relationship with them.