Useful Google Search Techniques.

Most of us simply use plain text to search in Google. But there are some very interesting search techniques that are very useful.

Why do I even need to learn these Techniques?

Well, it’s simply a case of preference: working harder or working smarter. If you want to browse Google smartly, these Google search techniques will certainly help you.

It’s like choosing between adding and multiplication. Either add x no of times or multiply just once.

Today we’re gonna share some of the most famous and useful search techniques with you.

  1. “The Double Quotes” for explicit phrase

If you’re looking for a specific content, then enclosing your query in the double quotes will work just fine. It will only show the pages that matches the exact query. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. Searching within a specific site

We all have come across a website where there is no search label/field. Haven’t we? Being not able to search for something you want in a specific site does not feel good. If you want to search if goggles are available in an e-commerce site for helmets then, just type: ‘goggles site:’. It might not work if the site isn’t cached by Google.

  1. Wildcard search using *

This search technique is particularly handy if you know only a portion of something. It can be anything from quotes, song names, artist names, movie name and so on. The list goes on and on. Type * for the characters or words you have no idea about.

If your remembered the Hollywood movie about the three person’s stupidities but don’t have the whole idea, you can search for ‘The Three *’. It will give you an array of results. But the one you’re searching for probably will come first in this case.

  1. Want something specific in url

If you want something specific in URL in your search results, then you can use the in URL operator/word to get costume results. If you want espn on your URL, just type ‘your query inurl:espn’. No space between the colon and the set of characters you want in your URL.

  1. For something specific in the page title

This is a technique similar to the one mentioned above. In this technique, if we want something specific in our title, we perform search with ‘intitle:something you want in your title’.

  1. Exclude something in the content

Let’s say you want to search for the song It’s My Life by Talk Talk. Not the Bon Jovi one. Then you’ll do: It’s My Life -Bon Jovi.

  1. Similar keywords specifically to search blogs
  • Inblogtitle
  • Inposttitle
  • Inpostauthor
  • blogurl
  1. Weather

For a quick check on the weather of the day, we can use the weather keyword and zip or postal code. For e.g. for Kathmandu valley, the postal code is 44600 i.e. ‘weather 44600’.

  1. Finding files of specific type

We can filter only the type of file we want in our search result. Try ‘your keyword filetype:.pdf’

  1. For news about a specific location.

If you want search results specific to a location, you have to go with the location: modifier. If you want to know about the attacks in Paris, then fill the search field with: attacks location: Paris. This time there is a space between the colon and Paris.

  1. Phone Listing

Is someone bothering you giving you missed calls all the time (and does not answer if you call back)? Google just might have answer to this query as well.


  1. For social Media
  • #[word]: Including a hash tag makes Google search for results in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.
  • +[profile-name]: The + sign indicates that Google can also include result for Google+.
  1. Google Advanced Search Page

If you have problem remembering all these techniques, you can simply go to Google advanced search page.

Happy Hunting!