Is it safe to clean computer with a vacuum cleaner?

Is it safe to clean computer with a vacuum cleaner?

Many people use the suction power of vacuum cleaner/compressor to get the dirt out of their precious computer- with which they spend a good chunk of their time surfing and bouncing from one page to another in an attempt to get info or have fun. I can’t think of any other reasons- getting to the point- is it a good idea to clean your computer with the vacuum cleaners?

There are two types of vacuum cleaners based on the usage of water particles- dry and wet vacuum cleaners. Wet vacuum cleaners contain small share of water vapor. Dry vacuum cleaners have none.

Which one is best for for your Computer ?

If you happen to have a wet vacuum cleaner, then it will be better if you give your computer chips some time to dry down. If you start them up immediately after, then you run the risk of short circuit. Remember? Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. While the chance of the occurrence of this catastrophe is infinite small, the consequences, if it really happens can be quite severe. So, be careful!

Dry vacuum cleaner users will have no problems in this respect.

Vacuuming also builds a large static charge. This static charge could discharge into the sensitive electronic parts of the computer.

While it is always favorable to used specialized cleaners to clean off the dust from inside of your computer, buying one for yourself is not very wise given the occasional use and from economic perspective.