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Web-Robo in MSP Meet

This is a follow up of our recent post- Web-Robo in MSP Reception.

We want to congratulate all the new generations of MSP for getting selected from their respective educational institutions for the MSP springboard 2017. Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) – Nepal MIC organized a program to welcome all the new MSPs.

They also utilized the occasion to introduce a new concept of Special-MSP; one of whom happened to be from our Executive team of Web Robo- Madhu Khadka.

A special typical Nepalese ceremony was performed to introduce our friend as Special-MSP. A SAGUN was presented to Madhu “to celebrate his second life” as Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar stated.

We, the members of Team Web Robo are delighted that the Innovation Centre chose one of our own to introduce this new breed of Microsoft Professional. This motivation has catalysed us even more to do something more and useful in our future endeavours.

Web Robo’s Team always looks up to MSP for more inspirations. Our dear friend Mr. Madhu is waiting on MIC to introduce such new programs so that we can help produce new Microsoft Professionals which is the ultimate goal of Microsoft Innovation Centre.


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