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Web-Robo with Accountability Lab.

Accountability Lab is a group of committed change makers. It is an International NonGovernment Organization (INGO) based in the United States (US) with its wings spread over various countries- Nepal, Pakistan and Liberia. Accountability Lab has a flagship program called the ‘Accountability Incubators’.

This program is intended for young leaders to help build sustainable, effective tools for accountability and the right social impact on society. These young leaders are the ‘Accountapreneurs’.

And during the latest selection of Accountapreneurs, our team of Web-robo has been provided with a rare privilege to work with the Accountability Board of Directors. We express our deep gratitude to Mr. Narayan Adhikari- Head of Accountability Lab and Mr. Pranav Budhathoki-The BoD Lead for introducing us to this wonderful world of Accountapreneurs.

A wider reach for the effective accountability is very important. So, for reaching as many people as possible to make a greater impact, digital marketing is necessary. Social media targeting is an essential component. This is because there are only a handful of people who don’t use social networking sites. And we intend on tapping this potent prospect.

A lot of people regularly visit The Facebook. Hence, The Facebook marketing is very important to reach the targeted young people. We continuously feed the page with relevant helpful contents. The other social media sites which include Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram are also crucial because they are said to have more relevant and educated users. These social networking sites will help build a loyal audience base.

We hope on working hand in hand with the accountability lab on this.

You can also contribute on building a better, accountable society. Visit this page if you are interested.


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