Web-Robo’s Mini-bots

One half of web-robo’s concentration has always been on innovation. A technology empowered learning system has always been the primary area of development for us. In our attempt to make learning more interactive, we introduced the concept of Mini-bots.

The bots currently can draw pattern on voice commands. It can draw the pattern of alphabets and other basic geometrical shapes such as triangle, square, circle, etc.

The prior concept to implement this idea was to lace the robot with a marker/sign-pen. The marker laced in the bot will then draw the pattern as the robot moves along. This will make the mark on the board in which the mini-bot will be moving.

We later realized that this might be a problem. As the lines are drawn by the marker, the mini-bot that is moving might criss-cross the already rendered lines and curves.

To overcome this problem, we thought up a simple solution: to use multiple bots which can form a pattern based on the voice input. A microprocessor, Arduino is used in this system. Audino is the brain of the system. It is used for audio processing and moving the bots.

A of institutions have adapted interactive learning in their institutions. The use of this type of learning method stimulates the interest of pupil. But most of the time, the learning materials are Virtual.

The completion of this project will provide something concrete that is not Virtual to be used on the learning process. The main objective of this project was to get the pupils involved in the learning process and introduce to them a better perspective of learning.

On its completion the bots will be able to shorten the divide between the virtual and the real objects. It will incorporate a special tool that the pupils always want to see first-hand on their learning experience.

When the team leader of the project- Madhu Khadka saw a boy playing with a car on a school ceremony, he thought about it,” What if we could make learning more fun? We can incorporate that car as his study material. We can build a robot car that would teach alphabets and use voice control for interactive learning among kids”.

We have identified the Raspberry Pi as the major tool for robot co-ordination. Raspberry-Pi is a low cost, high performance computers that people can use to learn, solve problems and more importantly: have fun.