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Why startup business should choose wordpress?

Of all the platforms that are available for website development, WordPress has become the choice of most of the web developers and clients alike. Currently, of all the websites built, roughly 70% is developed using wordpress. So, why is there so much hype on website development using wordpress whether be it a settled business site or just a startup business?

But first, let’s get the general sense of wordpress. The fact that you are interested in reading a blog on WordPress gives me an idea about you. You know about wordpress. But, nevertheless, I’ll give a rough idea for the new souls (in terms of the world of wordpress) who might not know what wordpress is.

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.” It supports several different languages.

Now let’s see why people like wordpress so much.

  • Clients love control and wordpress delivers it: Everybody would like to have control over the site they own. They pay money to build a site only to be run by others. Uh-uh. I think they would love the power in their own hands. And wordpress gives it to them. And that is called a dynamic site. WordPress is a platform which on substantial completion of the site can be handed to the owner. This enables them to add and remove contents they like. If the site would have been static, s/he would have to contact the developer constantly to edit the site. And the developers don’t work for free.
  • Seo Friendliness: The code of the wordpress is streamlined and consistent which Google finds very appealing for indexing in their directory. WordPress also provides SEO plug-in for optimization of each page in a site.
  • Mobile Readiness/Responsive: Two different design and development path for the same site for two different gadgets is a pain in the place. Thankfully, wordpress can automatically detect what type of device a user is using. It then displays the content appropriately for the device.
  • Better Time Management: The scheduler in the wordpress allows you to schedule your posts. You do not have to manually do everything just on time. With wordpress, you can schedule them and have a good night’s sleep. If you have an e-commerce site and want to activate an offer for New Year, it can be scheduled so that the offer is activated at 00:00:00.01s of the New Year.
  • Design Consistency: WordPress concentrates on a thematic web design and development. A pre-generated free theme or a customized theme or purchased theme is generally used for website layout.
  • Attractive to Search Engines: The main aspect of the website that makes Google love your site is quality original content. The fact that you are willing to post new original content often will make web bots such as Googlebot crawl more frequently and index more often.
  • Multi User Capable: WordPress allows adding users and giving them the level of authority (through wordpress login info) you want them to have. Some of the available levels of authority are admin, editor, author, etc.
  • Safe and secure: WordPress was designed keeping an eye on the security front. The techniques used by hackers have been analyzed well to “harden” the security front. With the right setup, your website can blur the line of hacker-proof website’s boundary.

The Last Word/Summary

The digital world is changing and for good. Switching to wordpress for development of awesome sites is a way to keeping up or gaining competitive edge. We also can help you gain competitive edge over your competitors (especially if you are a startup business competing with giants in your niche). Just give us a ring at Web-Robo.


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